Street Life

Don’t be playin’ them too close to you; trust no stranger,
Keep yah money in your damn socks; around here there’s danger,
Don’t be runnin’ your fuckin’ mouth; people’s a game-changer.

Always be reppin’ and steppin’; don’t mean-mug without reason,
Be strapped and ready with a knife; it’ll be some goddamn open season,
Follow gang code whether in or out; break the code and it’s fuckin’ treason.

Real snitches get stitches and fall in ditches; bitches just screamin’ and gettin’ shot,
Get in jail and do your damn time; don’t act out like a pussy and be put in a slot,
Anyone wrongs the top dog or the gang king; they get smashed and left alone to rot.


Undefeatable. Formidable. Unshakeable.
Feeling absolutely amazingly able!
This mood is far beyond greater than even drug intoxication.
Reaching to the majestic heavens of euphoric elation.

Energetic. Idealistic. Fantastic.
Is there such a thing as overly optimistic?
I don’t care what people say about my mood.
This is what I live for; it’s my lifeblood.

Delighted. Unintimidated. Accelerated.
Throughout my grand journey – I’ll never be daunted.
I am above, greater and fucking immune to mistakes!
I’ll do anything; I don’t care what it takes.

Depression To Mania v2.0

Walking away from a place,
Full of darkness and complete desolation.
Colors were dull, drab, and dark,
Precisely without temptation.
So unmotivated and apathetic,
I was only existing and not living.
Had a fucked-up desire to fade away,
Everything was so unforgiving.

Coming from a dark place,
To a bright and joyful place.
Dull and dampened colors,
To simulated and bright colors.
Changing from depressive moods,
To elated and gleeful moods.
Moving away from unmotivation
To exhilarating motivation.

Heading towards to a place,
Full of happiness and confidence.
Colors are bright, vibrant and beautiful,
Love how it’s in abundance.
Super motivated and euphoric from life itself,
Boosting my mood with some upswing.
Now I can see that the sky is not the limit,
I’m fantastic and ready for anything!

Depression To Mania v1.0

Walking away from a pitch-dark hole and complete desolation,
Colors that I saw in the world were dull, dark, and without temptation.
So unmotivated and apathetic that made me merely exist and not living,
Having a fucked-up desire to just fade away; it was so unforgiving.

Coming from a horrible dark place into a bright world,
Seeing drab and dull colors turn into spirited, lively and stimulating colors,
Changing from moods of suicidal ideation and indifference to elated moods of glee and delight,
Moving away from depressive desires and ideation to fully charged up and energetic motivation.

I’m heading to a bright, joyful world full of happiness and confidence,
Loving how it is right now – I see bright, vibrant, and beautiful colors in abundance.
Super motivated and euphoric from life itself, giving my mood some much-needed upswing,
Now I can see that the sky’s not the limit; I’m fantastic and ready for anything!


Digging down into a deep pit,
I just want to stop and quit.

Maybe it’s given that they win,
All it has done is give me chagrin.

Maybe I’m just a weak coward,
Everything has truly soured.

Maybe there’s nothing for me in life,
It’s all literally just strife.

I don’t even remember a time when I was happy,
The few memories I remember is all crappy.

It’s a huge thing to decide,
To die or to hide.

The Reality As Is

Rapid and rapt shadows lurking,
Knowing they are just smirking.
They’re truly out to harm,
Definitely cause for alarm.
It’s just a fucked-up dance,
In reality it’s all a hypnotic trance.

Phone machines recording everything,
It’s such a mind-control sting.
Beeping and flashing here and there,
Everyone should beware.
Wishing everything would just go away,
Of course it won’t – to my dismay.

The medication is a slow death,
Taking away all your breath.
Take one and it takes away a day,
Chances are you’ll never go gray.
People literally just drop dead,
But they say it’s all in their head.

Mumbling and whispering walls,
Hinting at the danger that befalls.
Objects keeps moving and talking,
I’m just a dead woman walking.
Might as well be a sitting duck,
Like some goddamn schmuck.

At least the senses are on high alert,
That way nobody will be hurt.
Everything seems different and haunting,
Especially when replaceds are taunting.
There is nobody that aren’t blind,
Maybe there’s no hope for mankind.

Life Falls Apart

How do I even live?
Things are taking a nose dive.
How do I thrive?
I just barely survive.

The world is coming to a stand-still,
While I’m rolling downhill.
Where’s my goddamn will?
I hate the poison that is known as a pill.

My thinking is starting to degrade,
Insight is really just a double-edged blade.
Just drop the fucking charade,
I’m just waiting for replaceds to invade.

Best test ever, never again fountain.
Missing bliss but brass comes in vans.
No more ores, lore gets trees.
Hellions are such lions, because of many coins.
Windows are how you know it is an ow.
Shatter get canned, fucking cans.
Chickens are evil, they live.
Minute be small mermaids and mermen.
Boogeyman all here, man scared off.
Waste the taste of castle, hit the hit.
It’s all deja vu, maybe Jaden can get jade.
Terrors in bed, it’s a life error.
Red or blue pill? Run for the hill.
Bother others but not right there.
Usually it is silly, but not windy.