When Suicidal Thoughts Spread

I’ve always felt strong about suicidal feelings and how the person reacts to the emotion. When you encounter a suicidal person, what do you do? Most people try to help or give them hope. Some others freak out and overprotect. Some people react with disdain or derision. A small portion of individuals even laugh and encourage it. Obviously, the following reactions can be very inappropriate, even illegal, and can sometimes cause tragedy.

Feeling suicidal is possibly the worst emotion you can feel in life. It’s despair, grief, despondency, pessimism, and apathy all packed in one emotion. I have felt this before, during some bouts of depression and bipolar dysphoric episodes, so believe me when I say that I know how it feels. I’ve also been the person supporting the suicidal person, so I also understand how it feels when you start getting triggered by the statements the person is making.

In my opinion, when you start getting triggered and sense your mood start falling because of the declarations the person is saying, you should excuse yourself from the suicidal person. It is never good when suicidal thoughts spread. Now, this doesn’t mean you should run away immediately. You should try to explain to the person about your current feelings and tell them that their feelings are still valid. Plus, say that even though you’re leaving, you’re still here for them by keeping them in your thoughts. Comfort the person and hug them. If the situation calls for it, refer them to someone more emotionally prepared for this kind of situation, such as a nurse, doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, or even a parent. In desperate scenarios, call the emergency services. I know this is something people don’t like doing, but if it saves a life, then it is all worth it.


If you’re suicidal and feel like you’re going to do something drastic, do me a small favor and please Google for your local crisis line or crisis chat. Please.

Crisis line for British Columbia: 1-800-784-2433
Crisis chat for British Columbia and Yukon: http://crisiscentrechat.ca/


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