The Nicotine Paradox

I just joined the e-juice vaping club again today. I impulsively decided to blow approximately $200 on a personal vaporizer and tank, along with all the other necessary things such as a coil. I decided to opt for the non-nicotine e-juice since I wanted to blow clouds without having any drugs involved. I might go for a low-nicotine route in the future, though. I do realize that vaping nicotine is addictive, and there’s no way around that. That’s why I do want to discuss how vaping nicotine can be utilized in life, for better or for worse.

I see nicotine as a chemical that is indeed addictive but also a tool. It may be a maladapted coping technique in life that has affected many individuals with or without mental illness. It also may have saved several lives from horrible things like suicide; it’s possible that people found life to be much more bearable with nicotine. I know many people has spoken up about how nicotine can take over your life, and I don’t disagree with that. However, I will disagree with anyone that says nicotine is more dangerous than hard drugs such as heroin or methamphetamine. While nicotine probably equates with those drugs regarding how addictive the substance is, but in my opinion, only nicotine, in this case, can be utilized as a tool to improve life conditions. There are several scenarios, but I’ll just point out three that has stood out for me.

In the first situation, there could be people that are heavily addicted to a hard drug and has a particular fixation of exhaling smoke. They could benefit from nicotine, for lack of a better word, by simply seeing that they still can exhale smoke without having to resort back to the hard drug. I’ve known certain people that have told me this does help. In my opinion, using nicotine to avoid using other drugs completely makes sense. At least the person wouldn’t wind up in jail simply for possession, or even worse, get in trouble with local gangs due to the mounting prices of drug addiction.

Now, the second situation that I thought up about using nicotine for the better is the fact some people cannot cope with life without any escape. In other words, those people can’t face reality. In my opinion, if they were going to use hard drugs or anything like that as an escape, then I would prefer them to cope in life with nicotine instead of abusing dangerous street substances. Of course, there are healthier alternatives such as having a video gaming addiction or buying a virtual reality machine, but not everyone is that rich.

For the third situation, I wondered what it would be like if a person were so desperate for any relief, to the point they would try ending their life. In my theory, the introduction of nicotine as an aid could help at least just to cope in life. Anything about vaping can provide relief, and it could be from the nicotine buzz, but it also could be from simply doing the act of vaping. I do realize it sounds wrong to say that, but anything that saves a life is well worth it.

Those are just three situations I think could benefit from nicotine. I want to take a moment here and make sure people understand that vaping nicotine even in the cases I mentioned above can lead to severe addiction, there’s no beating around the bush about that. Deciding to vape nicotine as a coping technique can blow up in your face because after a period of vaping nicotine, people could get tired of the buzz and move on to other drugs which were the exact thing we wanted to avoid. Even with that possibility, I theorize that people can benefit from nicotine because nothing is worse than losing a person to street drugs or suicide.


2 thoughts on “The Nicotine Paradox

  1. wdavidson01 November 24, 2016 / 9:06 pm

    Interesting theory. I think for a long time people did tout the benefits of tobacco use as a way to relax, and as you say, deal with reality, It is certainly preferable to hard drugs or even suicide. But there are real dangers as well, as far as tobacco use goes (as opposed to vaping). It remains to be seen if vaping is indeed harmful, but according to me and all the evidence I’ve waited, I’d say it’s a better alternative to cigarettes. In any case, good theory!

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    • Snuchu November 24, 2016 / 9:12 pm

      Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned cigarettes or cigars at all in the article, I should have at least mentioned that. I should also have clarified that it only applies to vaping nicotine, not anything like cigarettes. I do agree that cigarettes are far worse compared to vaping nicotine, at least in my opinion.


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