Education and Life

Here I discuss what the necessities would look like for every person on Earth to manage life. This article is only to provide you insight into what people could think about the system regime, somewhat specifically the purpose of education and schools. What I think about it could be a shocker for you, so be prepared.

There is a particular pattern I’ve noticed that not all people have, directly to withstand and survive Mother Nature. Only five vital lessons would very likely be needed to survive throughout life difficulties. First up, the knowledge how to purify water in several proven methods has been necessary because of the erratic tempo of the winter and has the distinct purpose of hydration. Secondly, following with the need of hydration is the need to know how to grow your own food. Sometimes some factors render people unable to search for food such as injury or weather, so it is a necessity that people needs to figure out how to grow crops. The third one is the knowledge how to cook/prepare generic food found in nature such as animal meat, berries, plants, fruit, etcetera, or food that is grown. This is because if you can’t figure out how to properly cook, you’ll eat something that makes you ill, and there are food out there in nature that can very well kill you. The fourth lesson would be the knowledge of how to build or at least find shelter. The reason this is necessary is that any human needs a spot to sleep in, be safe from the extreme weather, and more importantly, to stay warm. Finally, the fifth lesson is actually the knowledge how to love. This should be ingrained in every human, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to, especially in modern society. To survive life is to love.

The sad reality about this is the fact we don’t even learn about any of the mentioned lessons in school. The exception is cooking class, but not even that is required to pass school. It’s as if the very concept of education in schools is to fill your brain with useless knowledge that only pertains to the survivability of the government and even corporations.

I’m just gonna leave it at that…


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