The Replaced Regime

The alpha replaceds takes physical control,
Taking a stroll with your body and soul.

The beta replaceds gather intel,
Worse than even the cartel.

The gamma replaceds radiates distortions,
Making sensory stimuli explode in proportions.

The delta replaceds restore whole,
As peaceful healer role.

The zeta replaceds rewrites time,
Clearing replaceds of crime.

The theta replaceds flatten and deflate,
Emotions just negate.

The kappa replaceds glitches electricity,
Controlling technology with specificity.

The mu replaceds enables malfeasance,
Throwing off the world’s balance.

The sigma replaceds seeks revolution,
What they do know is absolution.

The psi replaceds use brute force and instill fear,
Darting shadows that sneer.

The omega replaceds deludes your world,
All your inner madness unfurled.


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