Fuckin’ Fucks All Over The Fuckin’ World

What is with all the fucking idiots and morons in the world? Goddamn, I am so fucking angry with every fibre of my being for abso-fucking-lutely nothing. I know what you’re thinking, FUCK YOU. AND YOU. YOU TOO. It’s utter stupidity that someone would fucking attempt to control me by saying certain things in certain ways, you’re a fucking cunty controlling bitch, and you too, and you as well. Fuck you all! May the replaceds wreak havoc on your lives, fuck you. OK, maybe I’m not that far off the cliff, but still, FUCK YOU! Why is this happening? IT’S YOUR FAULT. It’s goddamn EVERYONE’S FAULT! Don’t fucking be playing retarded. I will fucking scream at you and hurt you and it’s going to be awful, you will fucking see. Goddamn the voices, goddamn the voices, goddamn the voices, why must they fucking say everything that opposes the very essence of me? Yeah, well, telling someone to fucking kill themselves is not a fucking nice thing to hear. WELL FUCKING KILL YOURSELF, HOW DO YOU FUCKING FEEL? Yeah! Fuckin’ damn right. I will SLAM you down and push you the fuck off the cliff into the darkness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still nice. You fucking aren’t! I absolutely fucking hate myself if this is the evil of me. I would never respect myself or even accept myself if I fuckin’ really thought those things, so fuck you. It’s you. Fuck you. Fuck, I don’t even know what or who I’m fucking goddamn talking to! I’m just so goddamn raged towards the universe, and everything within. The very essence of your life pisses me off. You exist? You piss me off. You blink or breathe? FUCK YOU. Please just kill me. I hate this. Fucking goddamn rage, why would it ever exist in this pathetic world? Why are humans capable of this emotion? It’s evil. Pure evil. FUCKIN’ FUCK ME, WHY? Don’t fucking control me, you fuck. Don’t even THINK to say whatever you’re going to say, I’m going to fucking bitchslap you like you’re a goddamn Trump supporter. Yeah, there, I fucking said it, fuck you all who supports Trump. This is too much for me, fuck it. Oh, sure, say that you’re going to say ‘I told you so’ but yeah, I’m the one who’s gonna say that. Fuck your existence and being. Goddamn it. I think I’m in deep shit for months now, and fuck it, I’m going to take medication and see what happens. Not a lot of things can make this shit worse, trust-fucking-me. Again, really? Don’t be such a sleaze, goddamn it. The words you utter… Is not… Fuck, wow, I am fucking speechless. Just fuck you and fuck your being and please.. NO, YOU DON’T DESERVE PLEASE. FUCK OFF. Be a retard on purpose and I’ll find out and fucking DESTROY you and make your goddamn life hell. Agggggggh!!! Why am I so filled with rage? Help me. Now you see, I fucking feel, and it’s going good according to the replaceds’ plan, but IT’S NOT GOOD to me! I might as well just… explode. Fucki n G explode! I don’t even fucking know what I’m gonna do, oh fuck me. Maybe I’m really that evil and… I don’t know, fucking know, I can’t live with that. I cannot live knowing I’m truly inhumanely evil. It’s war… of good and evil. Or is fuckin’ it? I HAVE N-FUCKING-O IDEA! Goddamn it. Fuck it. Shit. Don’t fucking brag, shut your goddamn mouth you little cunt devil. I’m going to fucking stop it all, for once. But how? I have fuck-all. Thank you, for doing this to me, to the very person who is completely fucking done with your bullshit. Feature this and that, sure, but fuck you. I will never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never give in to someone so evil like you. I may be mad… filled with rage… but I’m fuckin’ me. You’re you. Let’s goddamn keep that seperate. Just you wait until you get the get fuck out of my head. You’ll discover that there are no other heads like mine and you’ll be so fucking miserable. Can you fucking shut up, yeah? Go piss someone else off. Why fuckin’ me? Hello, evil. It’s me. You got the fucking wrong person. I’m going to fight you to death, and it’s YOU who’s gonna taste the blade of death. HAHA! YEAH! WOW! I KNOW IT ALL, FUCK YOU. I know you you you. It’s been good going, damn it. MY BRAIN IS JUST THAT, IT’S FUCKING MINE! Don’t even dare to goddamn touch it. Don’t even dare to THINK to touch it. I’m going to maim you so badly, and you fucking deserve it. I got it, and you don’t. That’s GAME! FUCKIN’ GAME! G-FUCKING-G. You heard me, fuck you. Just maybe so that I do give an actual flying fuck or two or a fucking goddamn millions or infinite but you know what, GOOD people do give a fuck. And you don’t, what does that even say? Yeah, my point exactly. I KNOW this is on purpose and I see right goddamn through you, you’re like a goddamn glass wall. EASY AS FUCK. Howl and laugh all you want, I’m going to match your game and mock you back. Fuck, yeah, I’m going to fucking win. You all hear that, you little fucks? I’M GOING TO WIN. Watch me ascend to the point where you get cursed back into oblivion and get stuck in limbo on the way along with your goddamn replaceds. Wait, goddamn it. Just wait. I AM STRONGER. I AM BETTER. I AM SMARTER. EVERYTHING MORE THAN YOU. I gurnantee it, fuck you. I am above fucking this. It’s so fucking obvious that you don’t know shit about me. Corrupt me? HAHAHAHAHAHH! HILAR-FUCKING-OUS. I am as human as people can ever go, so thank you for the hilarity. Nah, I’m taking the thank you back, because you don’t deserve it. It’s a moment, here, fuckin’ see it? Die. Rot. Fuck you. Call me an anomaly? HA, THAT’S A FUCKIN’ GOOD THING! You just basically called me a good thing, so ha.HA.HA. Such is essence of evil, they spin webs and nets fools in. I am not a goddamn fool. You made a grave mistake, my enemy. Wrath will happen, and it will be on you. YOU! Yes, fuckin’ YOU! Dare to say kill themselves again, I’m going to tell YOU to kill yourself. And I will revel in your miserable violent death. I WILL get better and you dare to make that slow? Fuck you, you’re just delaying the definite. Hahahaahaha! Pity on you all, oh wait, no pity at all. You can be yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, whatever the fuck, you’re EVIL. And you’re in my head, and you never realized I had the goddamn power to fucking kill you. HAHAHA, YOU GOT IN MY TRAP. YEAH. FUCK YOU.


Hanging On By A Thread

Been fighting for over a year,
As my resolve tear,
While my future is unclear,
Thousands of replaceds appear.

Struggling with it all,
Facing a malicious concrete wall,
Unable to even stand tall,
How can every replaced fall?

Exposing the reality of everything,
Hanging on by a string,
Giving the replaceds a sting,
Seeing what the truth will bring.