The Dilemna of Voices

How the fuck do I think?
The voices drive me to the brink.
I just wish they would shrink.

Just going and going,
There’s absolutely no slowing,
Listening to them crowing.

Just trying to hang in there,
They don’t care how I fare,
I may as well be a square.

Trying to seek peace,
They never let their speaking to cease,
Why can’t they be nice?

Redirecting them as much as possible,
Trying to be responsible,
Feats that are near-impossible.

Feeling like I was run over,
As my mood lower,
Can’t they go slower?

Overwhelming voices that interrupt,
They really love to disrupt,
I wonder if they can corrupt.

Just leave me alone.
Don’t talk to me in that tone.
Just be gone.


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