Fuck You/Thank You

Fuck you, weed.
Fuck you, shatter.
Fuck you, drugs.

I want to be freed,
I got my ass handed on a platter,
No more drugs but more hugs.

Thank you, nurses.
Thank you, voice that reasoned with me.
Thank you, for letting me be myself.

Maybe there’ll be more cases,
But I hope I will see,
That I need to take upon myself.


Best test ever, never again fountain.
Missing bliss but brass comes in vans.
No more ores, lore gets trees.
Hellions are such lions, because of many coins.
Windows are how you know it is an ow.
Shatter get canned, fucking cans.
Chickens are evil, they live.
Minute be small mermaids and mermen.
Boogeyman all here, man scared off.
Waste the taste of castle, hit the hit.
It’s all deja vu, maybe Jaden can get jade.
Terrors in bed, it’s a life error.
Red or blue pill? Run for the hill.
Bother others but not right there.
Usually it is silly, but not windy.

Wacko As Geckos

Going over all willy nilly and got billed.
Bust like a pest you be bested,
Green corns stalks reeds, very much needed.
Noses just don’t stand up or understand.
You dominate the paramedics, medic medic medic!
Mobile phones aren’t protected by bile.
Mountains are fountains in massive scale.
A while does not mean awhile, duck pucked.
Buck up and give us bucks, or fuck off.
Murder like a blunder, blinding us all.
Kettle shouldn’t be butter or noses.
What is being blighted? Light or else.
Such a mad cat, mad hat, mad nut.
Nannies are in the boonies, such cute bunnies.
Goodness are just that, foodness.
Its a rut in a nutty tubby nut, all going to hell.
Muddy and ruddy, rude as a lude with an attitude.
Gathering may be a ring, but stalks are talking.
Zippers with dippers, that’s a dapper idea.

Big Hug

They all got bigots in their pockets,
Quacking like there’s a quake,
That’s why we need a milkshake.
Break bones, why bother loners?

Legos literally don’t let go,
They really stick like a duck.
There’s a tomboy, skating around.
It’s the boxes, it’s the boxes.
Hexes all over, hexes on noses.

Red shattered thread that has migrations,
Illusions are fusions into reality,
Opening a veal cutter to strike,
Yellow boat, about to be afloat.
Lag like a skag-king, you got pucks.
Glad like a laddie skipping over rocks.

Chickens Are Tracking

Fuckin’ duck, what pucks away the buck?
Goddamn right, tin can tin can.
Wacko people are itchy like bitches.
Help the sleep sheep, out of beer.
As the sun falls, the canoes flies with bugs.

What is a danger within danger circle?
Underrooting everything to the oblivion point.
Unsafe, unsafe, unsafe, unsafe.
Yet just like a fucking duck cafe with a fare.
Poked by a needle, needs to have a bard.
Bits of insanity falls, to truth and fear.

Deal for the real, but I’m fucked.
Xanax be a flux, fluke, flute.
Not a klingon, but we are king period.
There’s a dog that bathes himself.
Bark might as well fall off. Bark bark.

Worlds apart, indeed. Be a part of it all.
People get so tall, they fall.
Locked in everything and fucking chickens.
Blitz to a flitz, fizz out.
Pretzels get into knots but they have straightened.
What’s a life within a mind?