Wacko As Geckos

Going over all willy nilly and got billed.
Bust like a pest you be bested,
Green corns stalks reeds, very much needed.
Noses just don’t stand up or understand.
You dominate the paramedics, medic medic medic!
Mobile phones aren’t protected by bile.
Mountains are fountains in massive scale.
A while does not mean awhile, duck pucked.
Buck up and give us bucks, or fuck off.
Murder like a blunder, blinding us all.
Kettle shouldn’t be butter or noses.
What is being blighted? Light or else.
Such a mad cat, mad hat, mad nut.
Nannies are in the boonies, such cute bunnies.
Goodness are just that, foodness.
Its a rut in a nutty tubby nut, all going to hell.
Muddy and ruddy, rude as a lude with an attitude.
Gathering may be a ring, but stalks are talking.
Zippers with dippers, that’s a dapper idea.


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