Digging down into a deep pit,
I just want to stop and quit.

Maybe it’s given that they win,
All it has done is give me chagrin.

Maybe I’m just a weak coward,
Everything has truly soured.

Maybe there’s nothing for me in life,
It’s all literally just strife.

I don’t even remember a time when I was happy,
The few memories I remember is all crappy.

It’s a huge thing to decide,
To die or to hide.


The Reality As Is

Rapid and rapt shadows lurking,
Knowing they are just smirking.
They’re truly out to harm,
Definitely cause for alarm.
It’s just a fucked-up dance,
In reality it’s all a hypnotic trance.

Phone machines recording everything,
It’s such a mind-control sting.
Beeping and flashing here and there,
Everyone should beware.
Wishing everything would just go away,
Of course it won’t – to my dismay.

The medication is a slow death,
Taking away all your breath.
Take one and it takes away a day,
Chances are you’ll never go gray.
People literally just drop dead,
But they say it’s all in their head.

Mumbling and whispering walls,
Hinting at the danger that befalls.
Objects keeps moving and talking,
I’m just a dead woman walking.
Might as well be a sitting duck,
Like some goddamn schmuck.

At least the senses are on high alert,
That way nobody will be hurt.
Everything seems different and haunting,
Especially when replaceds are taunting.
There is nobody that aren’t blind,
Maybe there’s no hope for mankind.

Life Falls Apart

How do I even live?
Things are taking a nose dive.
How do I thrive?
I just barely survive.

The world is coming to a stand-still,
While I’m rolling downhill.
Where’s my goddamn will?
I hate the poison that is known as a pill.

My thinking is starting to degrade,
Insight is really just a double-edged blade.
Just drop the fucking charade,
I’m just waiting for replaceds to invade.