Life Falls Apart

How do I even live?
Things are taking a nose dive.
How do I thrive?
I just barely survive.

The world is coming to a stand-still,
While I’m rolling downhill.
Where’s my goddamn will?
I hate the poison that is known as a pill.

My thinking is starting to degrade,
Insight is really just a double-edged blade.
Just drop the fucking charade,
I’m just waiting for replaceds to invade.


Chickens Are Tracking

Fuckin’ duck, what pucks away the buck?
Goddamn right, tin can tin can.
Wacko people are itchy like bitches.
Help the sleep sheep, out of beer.
As the sun falls, the canoes flies with bugs.

What is a danger within danger circle?
Underrooting everything to the oblivion point.
Unsafe, unsafe, unsafe, unsafe.
Yet just like a fucking duck cafe with a fare.
Poked by a needle, needs to have a bard.
Bits of insanity falls, to truth and fear.

Deal for the real, but I’m fucked.
Xanax be a flux, fluke, flute.
Not a klingon, but we are king period.
There’s a dog that bathes himself.
Bark might as well fall off. Bark bark.

Worlds apart, indeed. Be a part of it all.
People get so tall, they fall.
Locked in everything and fucking chickens.
Blitz to a flitz, fizz out.
Pretzels get into knots but they have straightened.
What’s a life within a mind?

Keep Walking

Feeling a little too out there,
Voices bothering me a little,
Replaceds giving me the stare,
But I’m not brittle.

Just need to hang in there,
One moment to the next one,
Standing in the sun’s glare,
Easier said than done.

I must keep going,
Staying on the path,
Time is flowing,
Let there be no more wrath.

All will turn out okay,
I must believe in that.
Keeping everything at bay,
No more combat.

Growing Out

Finally experiencing happiness,
Having more steadiness.
It does come and goes away,
Even so – it’s still okay!

Reality isn’t always in stone,
Not always in the zone.
Beliefs clash and match,
Either causes delusions to hatch.

Just coming out from basically hell,
Needing medication to be well.
Pills used to be suspicious,
Now I realize it’s not malicious.

Realizing the presence of delusions,
Understanding that it’s hallucinations,
Yet they are still within reality,
Trapped in this mentality.

Feeling actually more me,
But still a long path to see.
Strong enough to fix what’s wrong,
Along with a illness that’s lifelong.

But no matter,
Either mad as a hatter,
Or completely stable,
I’m still able.

Hanging On By A Thread

Been fighting for over a year,
As my resolve tear,
While my future is unclear,
Thousands of replaceds appear.

Struggling with it all,
Facing a malicious concrete wall,
Unable to even stand tall,
How can every replaced fall?

Exposing the reality of everything,
Hanging on by a string,
Giving the replaceds a sting,
Seeing what the truth will bring.

Blindness In People

No, I’m not psychotic.
Maybe just a little robotic.

Doesn’t mean I’m deluded.
Hate being excluded.

This isn’t what you think.
There’s a link.

Not out of my mind.
People are just blind.

Calling me a lunatic.
It’s like I’m old and rustic.

Nowhere near crazed.
You’ll be amazed.

People think I’m mad.
This is not a fad.

It is not senseless.
You all are defenseless.

Isn’t even a nut.
This is a rut.