Undefeatable. Formidable. Unshakeable.
Feeling absolutely amazingly able!
This mood is far beyond greater than even drug intoxication.
Reaching to the majestic heavens of euphoric elation.

Energetic. Idealistic. Fantastic.
Is there such a thing as overly optimistic?
I don’t care what people say about my mood.
This is what I live for; it’s my lifeblood.

Delighted. Unintimidated. Accelerated.
Throughout my grand journey – I’ll never be daunted.
I am above, greater and fucking immune to mistakes!
I’ll do anything; I don’t care what it takes.


Depression To Mania v1.0

Walking away from a pitch-dark hole and complete desolation,
Colors that I saw in the world were dull, dark, and without temptation.
So unmotivated and apathetic that made me merely exist and not living,
Having a fucked-up desire to just fade away; it was so unforgiving.

Coming from a horrible dark place into a bright world,
Seeing drab and dull colors turn into spirited, lively and stimulating colors,
Changing from moods of suicidal ideation and indifference to elated moods of glee and delight,
Moving away from depressive desires and ideation to fully charged up and energetic motivation.

I’m heading to a bright, joyful world full of happiness and confidence,
Loving how it is right now – I see bright, vibrant, and beautiful colors in abundance.
Super motivated and euphoric from life itself, giving my mood some much-needed upswing,
Now I can see that the sky’s not the limit; I’m fantastic and ready for anything!


Do not ask me to recall.
Do not try to make me realize.
Let me calm down and know you’re with me.
Hug me and hold my hand.
I have my own reality sometimes.
I fall ill a lot.
All I know is that I need you.
Do not lose patience with me.
Do not punish or complain about me.
I can’t help it.
Just remember that I need you.
Maybe the best of me is gone.
Love me til my life is done.

Can I Escape?

Ever wonder what it was like,
Being chased by a shadow that vanishes,
Seeing it in every place imaginable?
No source of the shadow, no escape.

Ever wonder what it was like,
People yelling at you,
Gibberish voices in your mind?
No source of the static, no escape.

Ever wonder what it was like,
Going up and up,
Suddenly crashing down,
Nonstop roller-coasting with no escape.

Whatever medical term that was said,
It’s all the same to me.

It’s agony with no escape.