Fuck You/Thank You

Fuck you, weed.
Fuck you, shatter.
Fuck you, drugs.

I want to be freed,
I got my ass handed on a platter,
No more drugs but more hugs.

Thank you, nurses.
Thank you, voice that reasoned with me.
Thank you, for letting me be myself.

Maybe there’ll be more cases,
But I hope I will see,
That I need to take upon myself.


To The Protesters

A topic close to my heart is anything about cannabis and other items related to cannabis. There are several people out there in Canada that has been protesting about the legalization of cannabis. The protests have been going on for a long time, possibly ever since the Canadian prohibition of cannabis in 1923. However, if Justin Trudeau’s words are spoken true, then legalization is very close in the future. However, there has been several cannabis protests cropping up in cities across Canada. Some people has been wondering why, and I’ll explain one of the views of this. Some people feel that the government in Canada should make legalization of cannabis a high priority because of the medical effects cannabis brings to people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, nausea, poor appetite, and seizure disorders. Many people are suffering without the relief cannabis brings to them simply because it’s currently recreationally illegal and there are so few doctors that can legally prescribe it. That is one of the reasons for the protests.

I believe that it should be a priority for the government, but I also feel that people should avoid protesting about it since Justin Trudeau has already promised them all what they wanted, only that it needs to wait until Spring 2017. I think that is a relatively fast time frame especially for huge political decisions like the legalization of cannabis. Justin Trudeau and his party need to design a list of regulations that is reasonable and approved by certain people, and he also needs to have proper medical research that confirms the relief and improvement described by most cannabis patients. Justin Trudeau and his party also need to establish that it can be safely regulated among average people, such as a couple of grams per week, or something like that. The reason they’re doing this is not that they want the medical patients to suffer, but because they want to be responsible and not cause accidents like mass car crashes only because they overlooked one detail such as driving impairment. It’s serious business to run a country and not let it go into chaos.

I do admit that I have participated in cannabis protests in the past, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t join protests at all, but I do mean that it should be less loud and violent. The government is listening to you guys, after all. Have a protest on the sidewalk instead of blocking traffic. However, that’s just my opinion, and I would never judge you if you think it’s necessary to pull off a significant and loud protest to ensure the legalization of cannabis. In fact, I might join you!

Guilt Over Packs

One of the things that bother me about cigarettes is its packaging details. Honestly, do you think all the current smokers out there enjoy the guilt-trip every time they take a look at the pack? All the health-danger-warning “informal” pictures just instills annoyance and guilt in the smoker. It won’t stop them from smoking unless they genuinely want to quit.

A couple of lessons we learn growing up is the effects of cigarettes and how thousands of chemicals in the cigarette can affect you in life. Usually, after learning all about this, people often make a conscientious choice that either leads to complete avoidance of cigarettes or to try a cigarette. In this situation, the packaging images are effective, where it stops the soon-to-be smoker in their tracks doubting whether they should smoke or not.

In most other cases, though, it doesn’t help the smoker at all. Looking at the packaging images makes them fear, feel guilty, feel resentment, and emotions like that. This feeling snowballs into stress and anxiety, therefore triggering the need to smoke more cigarettes for some. I don’t think people participating in something legal such as cigarettes should suffer just because they do it.

If you’re having trouble relating to this post, simply imagine an area where cannabis was completely legal. Would you appreciate a packaging that was so full of images that cautioned the smoker that they would lose their memory and that cannabis would impair their education, etcetera, and it was enough to make you stress about it?

So, in conclusion, I am of the opinion that all images on a cigarette pack should be removed. I also think the tobacco companies should have their right to decorate the pack to their name-brand. I am also of the opinion that, when cannabis is legalized, it should not be sold in similar packs with images.