Street Life

Don’t be playin’ them too close to you; trust no stranger,
Keep yah money in your damn socks; around here there’s danger,
Don’t be runnin’ your fuckin’ mouth; people’s a game-changer.

Always be reppin’ and steppin’; don’t mean-mug without reason,
Be strapped and ready with a knife; it’ll be some goddamn open season,
Follow gang code whether in or out; break the code and it’s fuckin’ treason.

Real snitches get stitches and fall in ditches; bitches just screamin’ and gettin’ shot,
Get in jail and do your damn time; don’t act out like a pussy and be put in a slot,
Anyone wrongs the top dog or the gang king; they get smashed and left alone to rot.


Blindness In People

No, I’m not psychotic.
Maybe just a little robotic.

Doesn’t mean I’m deluded.
Hate being excluded.

This isn’t what you think.
There’s a link.

Not out of my mind.
People are just blind.

Calling me a lunatic.
It’s like I’m old and rustic.

Nowhere near crazed.
You’ll be amazed.

People think I’m mad.
This is not a fad.

It is not senseless.
You all are defenseless.

Isn’t even a nut.
This is a rut.